13 data corpi
12 statistical reenactment - BigData- in realtime
10 telepresence bodies
09/10 contrasurveillance as corrective of political reality /DIY-strategy
dev. of recording, tracking-, reviewing- and filtersoftware
performative intervention
06-12 from moving image, cage+fluxus to generative systems in the art - teaching dev.
04 coding of essence by the sound of speaking
03-06 studies of the country - limpiar el monte / spacedrawing with graphit
01 -04 staging of reality, propaganda
performative and concertante methods for the live interpretation and manipulation of textual contents, talking head performance
01 performative theory: format for interdisciplinary discourse, Informel I, Symposium on Symmetry
investigation and simulation of Oskar Pastior´s permutative poems
live improvisation of text, dev. of VJ-Tools
00 artistic hacking strategies
98 generative ästhetics - conscious textures/ expression of virtual objekts/structures by a behaviour that follows ästhetical criteria
experiments with text machines
98 3d-image instrument for live-concerts
96-97 - non-verbal communication through a system of dialogical neurofeedback
solar robots II
96 - non-locality - remote presence in virtual space
VR-system for live communication
solar nomads - draft of a nomadic existence
internet experiments -generative cut-up / views / crawler
95/96 artificial life experiments
93 subject/object/world -feedback systems
dev. fuzzylogic solar robot I
free rendering 3D-virtual reality - virtual clay, virtual sensor
91 - subtle interaction / interrellation of present with past tendencies
organical vers. geometrical process as image ästhetic
image processes based in artificial life
90 connecting + switching loops
88/89 moving image, communication by looping images
since 89 programming as artistic material
bis 89 drawing and painting, process of painting over
- in progress -

... in progress ...